Cat Grass

Cat Grass


cat grassSince cats like to eat grass and other green plants, we can try to grow their needs. The cat grass seed is usually a wheat, oats and rye mixture which can buy cat grass kit online with big discount.

How to grow cat grass

The seeds should be planted in a flowerpot or balcony box, this is normally the part of the catgrass kit. When the grass has grown five centimeters high, place it on an available spot for the cat. When a pet is in need of a little green, the cat will chew the grass instead of houseplants. That is a good idea to periodically replaced the cat grass kit because after a while they run out of nutrients, and doesn’t contain the sufficient amount of vitamins for cats. In this case, we obtain a new plant, which can be guarantee to cover the necessary nutrients again.

You can buy the catgrass in different kits. The basic kit contains only the seeds. A normal kit has the seeds, the bowl, and a mat. In a deluxe or imperial kit has some extra feature. Not only the cat grass kit, but some scratcher and toy too.

Cat grass review

This item was a really fun purchase. Grows fast and my cats will eat it. Fun to watch!!! Must buy if you have cats.

Cat grass kit review

My cat likes theĀ  cat grass so much, he eats it every day. I water the grass every other day, and it keeps on growing. He eats just enough to keep it from becoming overgrown. Nowadays my cat isn’t eating my other plants. The container is small enough that I can move it around and place near the plants the cat likes.

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