Why do the cats eat grass?

cat in the cat grassOne of the most popular myth about cats are related to eating of green plants. Most of the outdoor cats like to graze on grass and small green plants. If an indoor cats can’t get grass and the owner doesn’t take care of their catgrass, the room plants will be the targets of their little pets.

This behavior is perfectly normal for cats, they can’t train not to do this. Cats eat the grass because of its high fibre and vitamin content, to supply nutrients missing from their diet. There is a therapeutic effect of eating the grass: if your pet is unwell, it often happens that the cat trying to help itself with grass. The cat grass helps the cat vomit, which is needed to get rid of harmful substances or furballs he swallowed.

But you should be very careful because there are a lot species of plant which may contain toxic substances for cats. If the plant proves to be dangerous, you must remove it from your home, or you can spray the plant with special liquid which is completely harmless to the cats but keep the them out of trouble.