CHIA Cat Grass Refill Seeds

CHIA Cat Grass Refill Seeds, 6 packages

CHIA Cat Grass Refill SeedsAs seen on tv! This kit is contain 6 packages and each package contains 150 seeds. There is some advantage of this kit:
– It can help freshen the breath of your cat.
– Chia cat grass is organic and pesticide free.
– It can assist removing the hairballs from your cat stomach.
– Eating cat grass aids the cats digestion.
– And all above this CHIA Cat Grass Provides essential vitamins and folic acids.

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My daughter in law gave me a little ceramic cat with a few seeds of cat grass. All you do is put the dirt in the container, put the seeds on top, water it, cover it with plastic wrap and wait a few days for it to grow! This is amazing, as my cats love to eat my plants–now they have a regular diet of cat grass too so we are all happy. So thank you for the refill seeds!

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