SmartCat 3844 Kitty’s Garden Edible Grass Planter

SmartCat 3844 Kitty’s Garden Edible Grass Planter

SmartCat 3844 Kitty's Garden Edible Grass PlanterNot only the people but the cats need some green plants or “vegetable” too. Mostly because of their nutrition balance. This Kitty’s Garden grass is a cheap alternatives of the toxic houseplants. Eating the safe cat grass your cat remains healthy. Usually grow 5 days.

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You need to be sure to keep the seeds moist (a spray bottle works great) yet also be sure to empty any water left in the bottom so it doesn’t sit in water. If you’re dilligent the first few days, I think you will increase your chances of success. But I wonder if maybe the people who experienced mold might have started their kits during cooler weather…that could increase the chances of mold rather than germination. Be sure to put in a sunny or very bright window (warmer temps) right after planting.

No doubt that I will be buying the refills for this for years. If you’re worried that your kitty may not eat the grass, just buy a cheapie disposable one to test it out first…if he/she eats it, you will surely have a hit with the 4 grasses that come with this one!

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