Rocket Cats Cat Grass

Rocket Cats Cat Grass Garden Kit Black

Rocket Cats Cat Grass Garden Kit Black– This grass can quick and easy to grow.
– Not only the seed but the soil is 100% organic.
– There aren’t holes on the container, so the water won’t leak out.
– This is a complete kit, so so must only water the grass. That’s all.
-It will arrive in an attractive bag.

Cat Grass is a very hardy type of grass that wants to grow. It likes to be kept in indirect sunlight and thrives in most household environments. Seeds typically begin to sprout within 48 hours, and be 3-4″ high within a week of sprouting.

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I bought this kit after noticing my cat chewing on my houseplants. I wanted something that would be good for my kitty but also look nice. There were so many kits that came in cheap looking containers that I was happy to find this one. I really like the way it looks. Its more like a decoration than a pet accessory.

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